Got questions? I’ve got answers! Well, maybe. Here are a few common q/a to get you started. If you have other questions, feel free to comment and I will answer!

Q: Don’t you know that store-bought convenience foods are unhealthy?

A: Well, yes, I do.  They have loads of preservatives and other stuff like GMO’s and sugars that are just not necessary for a good diet. This blog does not advocate a diet of processed foods. But, I’m nothing if not honest–if I wasn’t following a GF diet for myself, I would be eating fries and a burger (or tacos) from a fast food restaurant about two times a week. I became GF very suddenly and started craving mac and cheese very early on. I found a great recipe to make my own in the ATK GF cookbook (their “Easy Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese” is downright tasty), but also needed something that required a little less effort for the noonday meal with my kids. I was fixing them the standard store-brand box of mac and cheese, but I could not partake. There’s only so much broccoli/salad/green beans that a momma can take until you just can’t stand it anymore, you know?

Q: Do you know that you can make your own GF convenience foods?

A: Yes! And I do frequently do that. My favorite one is to make frozen burritos using leftover beans, taco meat, and shredded cheddar in a GF wrap from Aldi. They reheat very well, and don’t last very long in my house. If you are looking for a good resource to make your own convenience food, check out Alta’s post here on her blog, Tasty Eats at Home.