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Main dish

Gluten free at McDonald’s

It’s a QPC with lettuce wrap instead of a bun. No onions, extra pickle. 
And it’s just as good as I remember. ♥️

Chicken Nuggets

GF Chicken Nuggets

Name: Fully Cooked Chicken Nuggets

Package Description: Breaded Nugget Shaped Chicken Breast Patties with Rib Meat

Brand: Live G Free

Grocer: Aldi

Price point: $4.99

Why I picked it up: It was the first time I saw GF chicken nuggets on the shelf for less than $6.00 a package.

Summary of Preparation: Cook in microwave for 50-60 seconds, more time as needed.

Initial impression: They are tiny.

Lasting impression: They are tiny. Seriously, a little bigger than a quarter, about a half-inch thick. Calling it a “patty” is being very generous. Maybe they are cut from chicken patties, but these are like chicken “bites.” The breading is decently seasoned (they claim paprika and tumeric specifically), and the chicken inside tastes like minced chicken from your typical fast food place.

Recommended Accompaniments: I eat mine with Chick-fil-a Honey Roasted BBQ sauce or Marie’s Blue Cheese salad dressing. It works as a small snack or you can prepare ten of them as a main dish with a salad/veggie/fruit combo.

Kid friendly: Not mine, but maybe yours? The kids like their regular Chicken McNuggets or CFA grilled nuggets but refuse to eat these Aldi ones in any quantity. If I slice it in half, they will try a bite, but I think that’s more of a courtesy than because they want any…

Repurchase point: Yes. I’ve bought three bags in the last month, but remember I’m also pregnant and need the protein.

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Rice Crusted Fish Sticks

Dr. Praeger's Rice Crusted Fish Sticks

Name: Rice Crusted Fish Sticks

Package Description: All Natural, Gluten Free, Wild Caught Alaskan Pollock Fillets

Brand: Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods

Grocer: Target

Price point: $2.64 on clearance, $5.29 regular price

Why I picked it up: GF fish sticks of this quality were worth taking a chance. I got all five boxes that were left on the shelf.

Summary of Preparation: Bake for 11 minutes, then flip and bake another 8.

Initial impression: Crunchy and so rich!

Lasting impression: These are absolutely incredible fish sticks. I don’t say that about many breaded items, but man, these are way more awesome than store-brand regular (wheat coated) ones that you prepare in similar fashion. And my kids love them. The taste of the fish is so flavorful and succulent, way more than I was expecting. I ate about 8 of them (which is half the package), but I was also in my first trimester of pregnancy, so take that with a grain of salt. The size of the stick is about the same as the typical store-brand fish sticks I used to buy for the kids.

Caution, though, the breading tends to come off of the fish if you are hasty with flipping them over. See the below photo where my dear and darling husband used a spatula to do “four at once, honey, it goes quicker—-oops!” We cooked two boxes at once for a family meal in these photos.

imageoopscomplete meal

The fish sticks are the plate on the right. Not all of the contents of two boxes fit on the plate, we were just serving family style for this meal to teach my kids how to serve themselves. The other items on this table are Ole Rida Tater Tots and Live G Free Deluxe Rice Shells and Cheese.

Recommended Accompaniments: Ketchup and tater tots. And a vegetable of your choice. You can’t go wrong with these, really. Salad if you really want one?

Kid friendly: Yes. I gave my kids the intact fish sticks because they are still finger-food eaters, but if you have older kids that use their fork, then they can, of course, eat even the broken up sticks. They gobbled them up with the ketchup.

Repurchase point: Yes. Because I’ve had them, I know they are worth every penny. At $5.29 regular price, you would be paying $0.35 a fish stick, so I got a steal at $0.18 a stick. I’m on the lookout for them every time I got to Target, though it’s unlikely that they will restock them. The “sell by” date was about a year from when I bought them, they were obviously clearance-ing out the item from inventory. The regular store-brand sticks are a $0.08 a stick, though (on BOGO sale), so just keep in mind that “you get what you pay for.”

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