This blog was begun in June 2015. I was trying to think of something to blog about, and I figured that it needed to be something that I was using or doing on a regular basis. Since I wasn’t musically active at the time, food became the broad topic. I narrowed it down over a few days to something very specific that I wasn’t able to find information about anywhere: convenience food for those trying to follow a GF diet.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in February 2015 after a year postpartum of being “hypothyroid.” I wasn’t surprised–it goes back in my maternal line two generations, so I was expecting it. Thusly, I immediately latched onto eliminating gluten from my diet. I was sad–Arby’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell… all these quick places to eat a snack were immediately off my list of options. I was down to Chick-fil-a, Jason’s Deli, and Red Robin (which is expensive for a burger on a regular basis). So, if I wanted to eat Arby’s curly fries again, I was going to have to bake them myself. And a lot of things at the grocery store were suddenly off limits, too. Our go-to Mac and Cheese box was full of poison for my body, essentially. I had to look at it that way to keep myself from eating it anyway when I fixed what was left in my pantry stock for my kids.

This blog is not meant to advocate a diet of microwaveable convenience food. It is my hope that others will use the reviews of products to decide if they want to buy it at the store. Our family has three young children in it. I had to own the fact that I don’t have time to throw together a daily gourmet four-course meal from scratch. So, I supplement with convenience items a few times a week. And I can use the leftovers for lunch accompaniments for the kids during the week.

cassie as rainbow

This is me at age 5. I’m a little taller now.

Your blogger is Cassie. Cassie Ogle is a wife to one adorably handsome husband ( and a stay-at-home mom to three children. In her past life, Cassie graduated magna cum laude from Berea College ( with her B.A. in Music Education and taught a year in the private sector before teaching two years as a middle and high school band director in the public schools. You might find her previous website (1999-2002) of mild interest: Cassie Brite’s Rainbowland on geocities. And now you know why the site is called Mot pundle, y’all!

The Ogle family regularly cooks out of the America’s Test Kitchen Gluten Free cookbooks, which are easily found on The meatloaf recipe is our favorite. We also follow recipes on for homemade infant food. Her favorite Bento resource is LITTLE BENTO by Michele Olivier and by Wendy Copley (EVERYDAY BENTO).