Well, since my last post… I had a baby. And changed to WP Thyroid. And am still eating GF convenience foods. My TPO Ab are still off the chart, but they were in the 200’s when I was 8m pregnant. Guess my body was attacking my baby’s thyroid? Who knows. 

Anyway, my husband tackled this project today. FINALLY. I have had this on my Pinterest for OVER four years. I pinned this when I was pregnant with my first child, we lived in a 1,000 sq ft townhome, and we were in baby step 2 of our TMMO. Wow, time flies!

I have three more sets of rails beyond my new drying rack. I did have one of these A-framed up on the floor (thanks, Mom!), but this gives me my floor back… and keeps my kids from trying to climb it. Isn’t it shiny? 

I mostly line out diapers on there, but I plan to use it for much more of our laundry to reduce our electric expense. Hence the extra rails…

Here is a full load of diapers for our 7m old.

You can see here that my DH used his circular saw and jigsaw to notch out the ends. He also took off two of the rails on each piece. We can take the thing down off the chair rail and it lays flat against the wall.

Happy Fourth!