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July crafting

This is totally not a normal post, but you know, it’s a blog, and I feel the need to share my pinterest-crafty stuff on here on occasion. I’ll try to confine it to one big post each month.

Watercolors with marker

Project technique from Alisa: http://alisaburke.blogspot.com/2015/06/kids-markers-tips-and-tricks-for-adults.html

Watercolor invitations

I never thought about doing watercolors before because I prefer vibrant colors. However, I only had five invitations to color, so it seemed financially poor judgement to get them professionally done when I had card stock, markers, scissors, and 5″x7″ envelopes sitting around.

I did find the design of the invitation in a google image search, and tracked it back to an Etsy shop located here. It is called “Hanging Jars Gender Reveal Invitation.” I freehanded the black and white sketch on my laptop using Microsoft Paint.

Sign/Easel from Baby crib ends

Project technique from Larissa: http://www.prodigalpieces.com/2013/06/repurpose-an-old-baby-crib

yard sale sign

I picked the crib ends and rails up at a yard sale about a year ago. The seller told me they had been in a barn for awhile, probably about ten years. I stuck them in my garage and waited for time to do the projects I wanted. I already had a drying rack from the rails of another crib my Mom made for me three years ago (we use it to dry cloth diapers), and I intended to make another drying rack.

Once I knew we were doing a yard sale, I bought white spray paint with primer and two hinges at our favorite home improvement store, but I ran out of time to do the extra work as we got closer to the sale day. Turns out, these dusty things are actually quite pretty in their naturally stained splendor. I used Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean them up, and they are really in good condition. I used two bungee cords from the dollar store (pack of four) to secure the tops of the drop-down rods to each other. It wouldn’t really be safe to put out unsupervised in this state–they are just propped against each other. So, I took it to my porch each night and set it out when the dew burned off each morning.

The pink is just posterboard from the dollar store. I used black acryllic to paint the words because I didn’t have enough Sharpies to do the lettering as thick as I wanted.

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  1. Your projects are fun and crafty! Love it. Thank you for the shout-out. 🙂

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