mac and cheese

Name: Macaroni and Cheese

Package Description: Gluten free corn pasta in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce microwave meal.

Brand: Live G Free

Grocer: Aldi

Price point: $0.99

Why I picked it up: Had to see if this freezer meal lived up to its’ cousin in the stovetop preparation method.

Summary of Preparation: Microwave the tray for 3:30, stir, sit for 2 minutes.

pre-microwavestirred food

Initial impression: Seasoned well, but chalky texture in the sauce.

Lasting impression: Let’s talk prep first. I’ve not seen such a quickly microwaved entree since I had Michelina’s brands of similar foods. I think that the timing method is fine and gets the job done. My husband said the pasta was a little chewy, but I think he was expecting rice pasta instead of corn (corn is denser of the two in my experience). And I was very pleased to see that there was real shredded cheddar on the top of the meal, right out of the box.

The seasoning for the entree is very good. Not too much salt, and it is creamy to a certain degree. There is an underlying texture problem with the cheese sauce. It seemed a little chalky throughout the meal. I’m not sure if it is the cheese sauce alone, or the combination of the sauce and the shredded cheese that just doesn’t work for me.

Recommended Accompaniments: I ate this as a side with chili and tortilla chips.

Kid friendly: Nope. Both my 3.5 year old and my 2 year old turned their nose up at it on first glance and refused to even taste it. Which is weird–they LOVE mac and cheese.

Repurchase point: Nope. Texture is not what I was hoping for.