It’s a double post! Two for the price of one today, Happy Fourth of July!

Deluxe Rice Shells and CheeseMac and cheese

Name: Deluxe Rice Shells & Cheese / Deluxe Rice Pasta & Cheese

Package Description: Whole grain brown rice shells (White & brown rice pasta) with a creamy real cheddar cheese sauce

Brand: live G free

Grocer: Aldi (

Price point: $1.29 on sale, $1.99 regular price.

Why I picked it up: Looking for a stovetop Mac and Cheese option, I was astonished to see a GF option at this price point. I wanted to see if it lived up to a taste test.

Summary of Preparation: Similar to others–boil water, add mac, cook for 12 minutes (see below), then drain and add contents of cheese sauce packet.

Shells: Prepared dish


Pasta: rice pastaimageimage

Initial impression: Has a mild cheese taste.

Lasting impression: First, just a note about preparation. Be sure that you boil the shells (and the pasta noodle version) for the full 12 minutes. You could even turn off the eye and go to 13 or 14 minutes if you are busy at the sink or something. I tried doing the 10 minutes the first time, and they were chewy. I didn’t want to overook the noodles, but these things are a little thicker than other rice noodles you can get in bulk.

Second, you will love the taste of the sauce. On repeated bites, I found that it was sufficiently cheesy to satisfy my craving for store-brand cheesy mac that I used to get for $1.79/box. Sure, there are other brands (Annie’s comes to mind at $1.99/box at Target) that do a great job, but this selection will not break your grocery budget upon repeated purchase. So, if you have gluten-sensitive kids under the age of 8 or are pregnant… this selection at Aldi will help you stick to your budget. Especially if you get it on a flash sale.

Recommended Accompaniments: I most recently used this as a side dish with dinner of fish sticks and tater tots. We also served salad.

Kid friendly: Yes. If your kids already like shells and cheese from the regular box, then they will like this. Mine ask for seconds all the time.

Repurchase point: Budget-friendly and tasty. Absolutely yes with no reservations.

Shells: life G Free Deluxe Mac and Cheese (back)

Pasta: image