Name: Rice Mac and Cheese

Package Description: Tender gluten free rice noodles in a rich and creamy cheddar cheese sauce

Brand: Full Circle

Grocer: Food City

Price point: $2.50 on sale, $3.99 regular price.

Why I picked it up: I have tried other GF options under this label, and I liked them well enough. I figured that this would be an acceptable staple to add to my repertoire of quick lunch meals.

Summary of Preparation: Microwave for 5 minutes, stir, then microwave another minute.

Rice Mac and Cheese

Initial impression: Wow, that is creamy and bland.

Lasting impression: It’s not so bad if you are looking for something that is simply going to fill you up. However, at 640mg of sodium per box serving, I have no idea how it tastes so bland. Where is the salt hiding? I don’t get it. The texture is nice, and the serving size is fine for one person to eat as a main dish for a meal.

Recommended Accompaniments: A vegetable and a fruit would go nicely with it to round out your meal.

Kid friendly: Nope. I shared a portion with my four-year-old for a quick snack. She apparently didn’t like it very much because she only ate about two bites then found another activity. She should have gobbled it down–she loves mac and cheese.

Repurchase point: Yes, for people that just need bland food every once in awhile. And only if it is on sale.